Saturday, June 8, 2013

Organic Dark Green Salad & Dressing - Recipe

My family is going to a potluck pool-party for one of the kids today and I was signed up for salad. So just because I couldn't make grain-free cookies doesn't mean I couldn't make something yummy-healthy.

Lately, I've been working a barter with a client who has a very large organic garden and organic avocado grove, so I've been fortunate enough to walk away from each wellness session with large bags full of organic greens and avocados. Perfect for today, because yesterday I left with more kale than I know we'd eat on a regular week. Everything included in the salad is organic, and it's pre-dressed in the bowl ready to go, so all people need to do is serve and eat. Keep chilled until ready to serve.

2 large bunches Russian Red-Stemmed Kale leaves - chopped
1 large bunch Chard - chopped
1 large bunch Arugula

1 large bunch Dandelion - chopped
1 Blood Orange - chopped
4 Heirloom Tomatoes - chopped
1 Carrot - grated


4 oranges - juiced, include pulp
4 Tbsp cider vinegar
2 Tbsp avocado oil
2 Tbsp hemp oil
2 Tbsp honey
1" ginger - grated
1 Tbsp tahini
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp ground black pepper

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beet Salad

I've heard people talk about being transported back in time when they eat certain foods. Until recently, it had never happened to me. The other day, my husband, kids, and I went out to dinner at a local place called Urban Plates. It's a farm to table restaurant that serves all fresh, local food. They try to get as much organic as possible, and although it's not 100% organic, nor 100% grain-free, they are closer to that number than most places... but I digress. Anyway, so I ordered a chicken plate that came with two sides. Now, I splurged out on a homemade mac & cheese for one. I know, it wasn't grain-free... but it was oh so delish. For the other side, I thought, "heck, in the spirit of trying new things, I'll try the beet salad." So I ordered that.

I sat down to eat and upon tasting the beet salad, practically found myself sitting on the mustard-colored high seated step-stool in my grandmother's kitchen. I could see her by the stove with oven mitts on and a baking pan in her hand. I could smell her Czech-Slovak food, and hear my grandfather's voice and the blaring TV set in the other room. And on the table was a big bowl of beet salad, and a mouthfull of it in my mouth.

"I've eaten this before!" I exclaimed to my family. They looked at me cockeyed. "What are you talking about, Mom?" my daughter asked. And I relayed the experience.

So now that I've been exquisitely informed that I used to eat beet salad all the time before, when my grandmother was alive, and pleasantly surprised that I actually liked it, I've been on a quest to find the perfect beet salad. I looked at other people's recipes, and that was great to get an idea, but I didn't find one that quite suited me. So I just went with what I know about food, tastes, and consistencies, and threw something together... that turned out beautifully. The recipe is 100% organic, of course, which these days is essential for food considering the density of nutrients found in organics compared to conventional and GMO foods which are laden with toxins and devoid of nutrients.

Beet Salad
4 Large Red Beets - boiled, peeled, and cubed 1/2"

1 Small White Onion - peeled, halved, and very finely sliced 
1 c Goat Cheese
1/2 c Fresh Dandilion Leaves - chopped
1/2 c Fresh Arugula - chopped
2 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
2 Tbsp Avocado Oil
1 Tbsp Hemp Seed Oil

1 Tbsp Raw Unpasturized Honey
1 Large Fresh Basil leaf - finely chopped

1 Small sprig Fresh Marjoram - finely chopped
1 Small sprig Thyme - leaves chopped, stems discarded

1/4 tsp Garlic Powder
1 tsp Sea Salt
1-2 tsp Finely Ground Black Pepper

In a medium-sized bowl, whisk together oil, honey, spices, and vinegar.
Add the onions, and mix well with a wooden flat rice spatula
Add beets and mix, ensuring they are all coated with the vinaigrette.

Add greens and herbs and gently blend.
At this point, you can either mix in the goat cheese, or you can leave it for a garnish.
Transfer to a serving bowl (plain white with no decorations is the prettiest to show off the beautiful colors)

And voilĂ ! There you have a delicious beet salad, packed with nutritients and omega oils.

Some of the nutrients you'll be getting are:
Omega 3s
Omega 6s
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Vitamin K
B-Complex Vitamins (B-3, B-5, and B-6)

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Summertime Treats For Everyone!

It's been a while since I've posted any recipes... or anything at all. So I thought I'd come back with a tasty summertime cooling treat I just came up with in my kitchen. Best part? Easy and quick to make. Easily 100% organic! No added sugars or chemical sweeteners! No preservatives! 100% Paleo! I recommend using a heavy duty blender that doesn't bog down with frozen foods, but any blender will do, it just might take a little help from you.

Summer Slushy
Makes 2-4 servings

Blend together:

8 oz Frozen Organic Strawberries

8 oz Frozen Organic Pineapple Pieces
1 1/2 c Coconut Water

3 dropper-full sqeezes of Organic Stevia Extract

Gradually add liquids, rather than all at once.

Feel free to add or take away fruits. Would be great with bananas, blueberries, strawberries or whatever! Just keep the solid:liquid ratio on par.

When blending ingredients, if blender bogs, turn it off and use a spoon or knife to push ingredients down and move liquid to bottom Do NOT do this while blending! If you still need help, add a little more Coconut Water.

Great for people of all ages, great for summer heat, and great for parties!

This treat could easily be turned into an adult beverage by adding your favorite clear liquor, like Rum or Vodka.


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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Organic Raw Slaw - Recipe

Recently, I've been eating a lot more regularly for lunch, and because I don't want a whole lot of food, I have been taking this opportunity to eat more of my much needed raw foods. My lunch is primarily vegetable-based, with very little meat, if any at all.

One of my favorite things to eat is this new Organic Slaw I've come up with. It started out with only a few ingredients in the beginning, and now it's burst into this delicious medley of raw fruits, veggies, and fresh seasoning. No added salt. No added sugar. Nothing but raw foods and their deliciousness. It can be eaten as a meal, or used as a nutrient rich side.

Organic Raw Slaw (feeds 4-8 people)
2 c. Broccoli Slaw (you may buy it pre-packaged or cut the broccoli stems yourself when using the heads in another dish)
1/2 c. Dark Green Kale Leaves - sliced into strips, center vein removed
1 Stalk Celery - thinly sliced
1 Sm Cucumber - cut lengthwise in quarters, and sliced into 1/2" cubes
1/2 Orange  peeled and cut into small cubes (set other 1/2 aside for dressing)
1/2 c. Dried Cranberries
1/4 c. Fire & Ice Radish - sliced paper thin
2" Fresh Ginger - peeled
1 Tbsp. Chia Seed - set aside
2 Tbsp. Raw Sesame Seed - set aside

In a large bowl, layer broccoli, kale, celery, cucumber, oranges, cranberries, and radishes. Grate ginger directly onto other ingredients. Sprinkle chia and sesame over top. Set aside. Make dressing.


3 Tbsp. Avocado Oil
Orange juice from remaining
2 Tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar

In a small bowl, whisk together oil, juice, and vinegar.

Pour over slaw, cover, and refridgerate overnight. Serve chilled. Feeds 4 hungry people or 8 people as a side.

** Consider adding cooked chicken, raw almond halves, or tempeh for protein. Also, instead of orange, use wedges of an entire tangerine, and the juice of another tangeri 201ne for the dressing. Get creative. Raisins instead of cranberries. Throw in some fresh berries if you have them.

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Perfect Healthy After School Snacks

I'm a fan of milkshakes, smoothies, and other foods that are now considered to be junk-foods, so when I was a kid, I'd often make myself an ice-cream shake or an ice-cream smoothie, or a big fat glass of Nesquik or have brownies or some other really tasty, but really junky food product. Now, as an adult who's desperately trying to eat healthier, ice-cream isn't a large part of my diet anymore, and sadly neither are brownies, even Paleo brownies. It's hardly on the list of things I'll eat at all simply because of the sugar content. Although, today, to be honest, I am in the process of making some homemade organic Bacon Chip Ice Cream, made with real sugar. (Shhhh!)

After school today, I thought I'd make a smoothie for both my son and myself for our mid-afternoon snack. And the only reason I'm even posting the recipe is because it was probably the best smoothie I've ever had, or ever created.

Strawberry-Banana Protein Cloud

8 oz Organic Whole Milk or Organic Hemp or Almond Milk
4 Whole Organic Frozen Strawberries

1 Whole Organic Yellow Banana (not spotty, but not green)
1 Tbsp Organic Whey Protein

Blend on high. Serve and drink. Note, there is no ice. It's what makes the cloud. Add ice if you prefer but it won't be as fluffy. It's also only as sweet as the banana, which makes it less likely to cause as big a glucose reaction from your body as it would if you used a ripe banana or added sugar or any other sweetener (besides stevia, which in this case I have not tried).

No added sugar, no ice-cream. Just real food and a dash of protein. It's not even sweet like those totally bad for you but yummy fruit smoothies you buy at that so-called "healthy" smoothie place down the street with all their added sugars, candies, sweeteners, chemical products, preservatives, and non-organic foods. *shudder*

On other days, and with a Paleo/Primal diet, when you're not having an uber yummy smoothie like this, or if you want something a little more substantial, freshly cut veggie sticks, apple slices with cheese, and deli-roll lettuce wraps are really great options.

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